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Reference case Hanoi Water Company Hawacom (Vietnam)

LeakRedux® to reduce leakages in water supply network from 17,5% to 10%

Introduction to the challenge

The capital of Hanoi area of 3,358.9 km2 is divided into 30 district administrative units with a population of approximately 7.8 million inhabitants. Urban clean water supplies 1 million m3/day water to the population. The Hanoi Water Company Hawacom has the firm ambition to reduce their water losses to less than 10% in three years’ time. End 2019, the percentage of total water losses is 17,5 %.

Our solution

HydroScan is deploying LeakRedux® virtual sensors for up to 150 DMA zones in Hanoi

HydroScan is deploying LeakRedux® virtual sensors for up to 150 DMA zones (district metering areas) in Hanoi.
LeakRedux® identifies two types of leakages:

  • When a pipe burst occurs, an immediate high-level alarm is generated for the specific zone. Direct actions can be taken by the operational staff to minimise water loss and to avoid sink holes.
  • LeakRedux® also detects small and often invisible leaks. It predicts the most economical time for repairing them and narrows down the leak search zone.

HydroScan is providing all support during implementation and trains local Hawacom staff. Quarterly site visits are part of the follow-up service plan.

The benefits

Hawacom targets to reduce water losses from 17,5 % to less than 10 %.

In addition to the direct direct economical savings, this will enable Hawacom to serve more inhabitants with clean water. Given the population growth, serving more inhabitants with clean water is an important objective for Hanoi.

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