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Hands-on leak management platform NRWCOCKPITTM helps in doing the right things right:
  • Digitisation and connection of data – ALL IN ONE data hub
  • Easy visualisation of valuable data insights
  • Detection of visible and invisible leaksWith LeakRedux® algorithm1
  • Quantification of the cumulative volume losses of leaks – With LeakRedux® algorithm1
  • Economical prioritisation: which leak to repair firstWith LeakRedux® algorithm1
  • Localisation: Sub-sectioning and further narrowing the leak search zone …

Open and all-inclusive decision support platform makes your operations in leak management so much more efficient, simpler, easier.

1 NRWCOCKPITTM can also perfectly interoperate with other third-party algorithm providers

Main advantages of NRWCOCKPITTM

Developed by water experts to facilitate your proactive leak management


Embraces inclusion of data from other providers. Futureproof: today and tomorrow. With APIs to facilitate seamless integration.

One all-inclusive decision support platform

Operational simplifications of having all data (on proactive leak management) centralised in one platform. Facilitates your digital transformation.


Whether sectorisation in place or not, start by generating valuable data insights. You can implement NRWCOCKPITTM very easily and gradually. Suitable for small and large water companies.

Helps reducing your water losses up to 50%

Includes LeakRedux® leak detection algorithm. All visible and invisible leaks get identified, quantified and prioritised according to socio-economical parameters. Essential input to help reduce your water losses by up to 50%.

Efficiency gains in leak search... up to 80%

Sub-sectioning and intersecting all other available data help in narrowing your leak search zones... up to 80%. Fewer people needed in the field to find leaks.

From water experts for water experts

With HydroScan's 20 years of experience in water management, one of our water experts will give you personal support, speak your language, think with you and help you with content-related questions.

Open NRW platform supports 3 key steps in your proactive NRW reduction

With even more to come in 2024




réduction spectaculaire des pertes en eau

Connection and combination of your available sensor data result in valuable insights

Features of NRWCOCKPIT:

  • Connection and reception of all your sensor data in one platform
  • Designed for different kind of sensor data: flow meter data, pressure data …
  • Creation of valuable insights by combining sensor data
  • Calculation of water balances per DMA
  • Geographical representation of your sensors
  • Customised data management: highly visual dashboards for faster and easier analyses
  • Enables threshold monitoring based on minimum night flow
  • Stores your data on historical events for post-event analyses
  • Helps in more efficient valve management of your water network
  • Integrates aggregated data from household smart water meters
  • ...
Step 2: DETECT

NRWCOCKPIT & LeakRedux® software help reduce water losses up to 50%

Features of NRWCOCKPITTM/LeakRedux®:

  • Detection of visible and invisible leaks (accounting for most of your water losses)
  • Detection of new and historical leaks, including small hidden leaks
  • Detection in real time allowing faster intervention when major leaks appear
  • Quantification of the cumulative volume losses of leaks – With LeakRedux® software1
  • Prediction of the most cost-effective time for repairing leaks
  • Economical prioritisation: which leak to repair firstWith LeakRedux® software1
  • Map with overview and prioritisation of leak alerts
  • ...

More about LeakRedux®:

LeakRedux® - HydroScan’s leak detection software - compares in real time the actual water consumption of a DMA with its specific Fingerprint. The DMA specific Fingerprint is the expected daily variation consumption pattern based on historical data and taking into account hourly, daily, seasonal and other patterns.

1 NRWCOCKPITTM can also perfectly interoperate with other third-party algorithm providers

leakRedux® identifie un
réduction spectaculaire des pertes en eau

NRWCOCKPIT platform supports and enables localisation… up to 80%


  • Sub-sectioning has become much simpler: shorter data processing time, efficiency gains, more intuitive visualization…
    Sub-sectioning helps superbly in many cases to narrow leak search zones … Often up to 80%
  • Intersections with available data from other techniques for narrowing leak search zones from other vendors can help further localise your leaks
    Amongst others these data may be: asset management data such as age, materials, logged historical leaks, satellite POIs, leak localisation sensors...
  • HydroScan gives you today already customized support in this field of expertise. Contact us on this.

Illustration of sub-sectioning by customer Pidpa: Leak search zone reduced to only 12.5% of the DMA zone in this case.

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NRWCOCKPITTM & LeakRedux® references

Testimonials from happy customers

"We are very satisfied with NRWCOCKPIT and LeakRedux! Today, 1.5 years after implementation, our NRW losses have dropped from 13.72% in 2020 to 8.45% in 2022. What's more, we saved 2,692,189 m³ of drinking water in 2021 and 3,336,973 m³ in 2022."

Miguel Sebastian Santamaria, Technical Group Head - Centralised Operations - DEN, Vivaqua

"With NRWCOCKPIT and LeakRedux, we can see at one glance which leaks we need to find as a priority. And on top of that, we can conveniently work with sub-sectioning circuits in the tool to locate leaks much more closely. This gives great efficiency gains in the field."

Steve Meurrens, leak detection specialist at De Watergroep

"Based on a successful pilot project in which 1 DMA was fully equipped with digital sensors and implemented in LeakRedux, it was easy to convince the management to a further roll-out. By 2025, Pidpa aims to continuously monitor 87 DMAs to keep our ILI below 0.5."

Kim Belmans, drinking water distribution network team leader at Pidpa

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