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Your goal is a high-performance, cost-efficient and sustainable water supply network, today and tomorrow!

HydroScan guides you through the entire asset management cycle and all necessary interactions with proactive leak management and future-oriented, sustainable water supply.

HydroScan is both knowledge- and technology-driven, as well as pragmatic and cost-efficient. It is precisely this combination that provides you with considerable added value.

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The 4 steps:
Data collection strategy
Data mgt
Structural assessment & design
Asset mgt plan

Strategy data collection

Mapping the structural condition of your network assets is of course crucial in your long-term asset management. 
HydroScan can assist you in defining your strategy to collect and manage your data as efficiently as possible. 
The software InfoAsset Manager of the world market leader Innovyze is the reference for all your data storage.With our subsidiary InneauTech as exclusive distributor for Innovyze in the Benelux, we help you with all your questions.
A number of dimensions of a professional data collection strategy: 
  • Strategy for the effective collection of network data
  • Quality control of data collection
  • Real-time data collection and storage
  • Data exchange strategy including the development of APIs
  • Design, support and quality control of measurement campaigns

Data management

Professional data management for you means:
  • A structured database of your assets
  • With topological relationships between the assets defined in the structure of the database
  • Connectivity (InfoAssetTM Manager and GIS)
    In this way the database contains the connectivity of the network
  • Establishment of exchange methodology, including data model
  • KLIP support
  • Support GIS and network management tools (e.g. DMA demarcation or tracking methods)
  • Data processing strategy and needs 
  • Update strategy for databases/network data 
  • Easy evaluation and planning of work zones
  • Integration of works and inspection data in the field
  • Recording of future state of work
InfoAsset Manager from Innovyze
The InfoAsset Manager software supports you in all these aspects. It is the most efficient software in the field. 

HydroScan's subsidiary InneauTech guides you in the optimal deployment of the InfoAsset Manager software. 

Structural assessment and design

HydroScan guides you in your structural assessment of your asset management in its global context, in combination with:
  • Conclusions from the LeakRedux leak management to specific actions to be taken in asset management. In concrete terms: Overview of pipelines where the economic optimum is renewal instead of repair
  • Water quality aspects
  • Pressure related optimization 
This includes, among other things:
  • Determination of the most strategic and critical assets
  • Define where the use of hydraulic modelling is crucial to detect critical pipes
    HydroScan's core competencies in advanced modelling guarantee you the substantiated support you need
  • Determination of residual life expectancy
  • Definition of material choices
  • Recording of inspection and maintenance needs and costs
  • Waterhammer studies

Asset management plan

The final step in your network asset management cycle is your master planning. 
Hydraulic modelling is required for network optimization and bottleneck detection. HydroScan works out different network development scenarios in relation to future needs. The scope includes:
  • Impact on leak management: How to contribute to sustainable and proactive leak management
  • Impact on customer service: How to guarantee optimal pressure and water quality at the tap in the near and further future 

Your master planning ultimately results in your long-term investment, inspection and maintenance plan.
InfoAsset Planner from Innovyze
InfoAsset Planner is the ideal software to support your master planning in all its sub-domains: your capital planning, your prioritization, your final planning of inspections and required works in the field and your general asset management.

HydroScan's subsidiary InneauTech assists you in the optimal deployment of the software.

More about the appropriate software:

Innovyze InfoAsset Manager
Innovyze InfoAsset Planner

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Reference cases

First industrial uses of LeakRedux® leak detection:

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