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Our integrated TRIAS AQUATICA approach for residential building and construction

We design your on-site water management to be ready for tomorrow

As an analogy to the Trias Energetica, the 3 driving principles of our TRIAS AQUATICA are:

  • 1. Limiting water consumption by using water-saving technical solutions
  • 2. Maximising the use of sustainable water sources: use of stormwater and re-use of wastewater
  • 3. Pro-active management of the water infrastructure in line with >b>environmental regulations AND in the most cost-effective way

Hydroscan carries out water audits and water impact assessments, and develops your entire on-site water management in a sustainable way.

We can also help you to make your operational asset management very cost-effective.

Main benefits

The essence is having both a more sustainable AND a more cost-effective on-site water management

  • Responsible use of our precious drinking water resources
  • Maximum use of free and sustainable water sources
  • Separated discharge of wastewater and stormwater: contributes to more cost-effective water treatment
  • Flood resilient buildings in harmony with the environment
  • Limiting and avoiding flood risks from severe rainfall
  • Replenishment of natural water sources like groundwater and surface water
  • Integrating water systems into the landscape design
  • Designing water systems that are easier to manage and maintain

More in detail

More about our integrated and holistic TRIAS AQUATICA vision

1. Limiting water consumption through water-saving technical solutions

Hydroscan keeps constant track of new technical solutions. We always give the most accurate advicein relation to the desired level of sustainability.

Adopting running water-saving measures are always part of our recommendations:
  • Water-saving toilets
  • Water-saving showers and taps
  • Water-saving equipment
  • Limiting the length of hot water pipes
When high sustainability is desired, we recommend a number of additional innovative techniques.
Hydroscan water IQ box

An example of Hydroscan’s smart water interconnection system for optimum water distribution in each type of situation

2. Maximising the use of sustainable water sources

The most common techniques are using stormwater and re-using wastewater.

Our vision:
  • Maximum restriction of the use of groundwater
  • Maximising the re-use of stormwater through the optimum design of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) with volumes in balance with water consumption
  • Maximising water re-use within the site by using the appropriate local treatment technology
  • For larger sites: smart systems with intelligent control of interconnected water reservoirs

    Hydroscan has developed a smart water interconnection system that connects all kinds of water reservoirs, and optimally distributes the most sustainable and most economical water to different users or user groups, given each situation.
3. Sustainable design of the water system

We focus on on-site water management in complete harmony with the surrounding water system:
  • Design of water resilient buildings (new construction and existing buildings)
  • Separate discharge of water of different quality (stormwater, domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, etc.)
  • Local treatment of wastewater for re-use or safe discharge into the natural environment: local or collective, depending on the most cost-effective solution
  • Maximising the use of permeable surfaces
  • Maximising the infiltration and replenishment of groundwater reserves
  • Limiting the hydraulic impact on the surroundings caused by using excessive SUDS techniques for flood risk management

    Hydroscan creates and designs the appropriate sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) which are integrated into your spatial design and are tailored to your specific needs.
Hydroscanlooks after designing, modelling and sizing your on-site water networks and SUDS.
Sustainable us of the water system

Examples of more advanced water buffer systems seamlessly integrated into the spatial design

Reference cases

Some references in on-site water management which use our TRIAS AQUATICA approach

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We can help you with an integrated approach or with a very specific request

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