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Your goal is to drastically reduce your NRW while at the same time managing your asset management efficiently and offering maximum customer comfort.

Discover here how HydroScan guides you in proactive leak management and the necessary interactions with asset management and sustainable water supply.

In recent years HydroScan has been passionate about interweaving its extensive modelling knowledge with real-time data software solutions.

Today you can take full advantage of our unique added value.

More about the appropriate software:

The 4 steps:
Monitoring strategy
mgt plan
Leak action support

Monitoring strategy

The first step in proactive leak management is to define the monitoring strategy that afterwards can result in automated real-time leak detection with HydroScan LeakRedux. 
HydroScan starts with a quick scan on one or more 'water consumption zones', also called DMAs (District Metered Area).
One of the results of the quick scan DMA analysis is the definition of your designated monitoring strategy.
The quick scan covers mainly:
  • Analysis of zones with no or insufficient measurements and/or telemetry to set up DMAs, including determination of the economically optimal number of DMAs required.  
  • Determination of required equipment (e.g. optimal locations, flow ranges)
  • Data quality analysis of the current telemetry system and flow measurements for DMAs, with suggestions for improvements or corrections
  • Strategy to include data from smart water meters
  • Determination of necessity/added value of hydraulic modelling for efficient leak management, e.g. pressure management, demarcation of DMA zones, connection to sustainable water supply cycle, and customer comfort
  • Determination of necessity/added value in asset management for efficient leak management: data collection or processing needs ...

Leak management plan (per DMA)

Based on the quick scan DMA analysis: 
  • HydroScan determines your customized solution, your plan for proactive leak management 
  • HydroScan predicts your potential annual savings with LeakRedux
A leak management plan is drawn up for each DMA and a monitoring strategy is implemented on the basis of realistic NRW objectives.
  • Determination of a 'Fingerprint' per DMA. A Fingerprint gives the expected daily consumption pattern of the DMA. The Fingerprint is based on a thorough data analysis that starts from earlier actual consumption for that DMA. It takes into account, among other things, seasonal fluctuations, historical leakage losses ...
  • LeakRedux DIGI METER INC is a future-proof variant that integrates the aggegated consumption data of digital water meters at households into the leak detection of the public water supply network.
  • Determination of the economic optimum for repairing small and often invisible leaks (Based on the price of your water production and the cost of searching for leaks in your network) 
  • Determination of realistic targets for substantially reducing leakage losses per DMA
  • Quantification of your potential annual savings when implementing proactive leak management with LeakRedux
LeakRedux determines a Fingerprint for every DMA
Real-time leak detection with LeakReduxTM
Subsequently, your proactive leak management will actually start:
  • Permanent connection in the Cloud between the real-time consumption data of the flow meter per DMA with the LeakReduxTM software system.
    Smart water management with IoT in practice!
  • Continuous real-time tracking of actual consumption per DMA against expected normal consumption
  • Automatic alarm generation upon occurrence of a significant leak via our web viewer or integrated into your own platform
  • Training of your operators to correctly interpret the results and initiate the necessary interventions
LeakRedux delivers real-time alerts

Leak action support

LeakRedux gives an alarm signal every time it detects a leak. Your operators are trained to take the necessary steps. 
HydroScan support can go much further and result in great efficiency gains in effectively narrowing down the leak search zone.
Main services: 
  • Prioritization of leak finding interventions based on the economic optimum per leak
  • Reducing the leak finding zones by sub-DMA configurations
    Leaks are detected much faster. The effort and cost of finding leaks (Systematic leak search with leak finding equipment) is much more limited.
  • Scouting planning in the field
  • Support for leak tracing with offline hydraulic modelling (InfoWorks WS Pro) in combination with pressure measurement campaigns 
  • Result monitoring of leak repairs
  • Permanent checks on the operation of critical valves

Benchmarking & Evaluation

LeakRedux offers he management of water supply companies enormous opportunities for benchmarking and evaluation, as well as for ongoing improvements programs. 
This completes the circle:  
KPI reporting and benchmarking on NRW, ILI, losses/km ... 
  • With DMAs and periods as variables
  • With evolutions clearly mapped out
  • With impact measurements of leak detections and leak repairs
  • Integration of consumption data (e.g. smart meters) and invoicing
With subsequent: 
  • Adjustment of the monitoring strategy based on updated Fingerprints
  • Refinement of your leak management strategy

In broader context: Interaction with network asset management cycle
For certain areas with frequent leaks within a DMA, it is advisable to make the most economical choice between continuing to repair leaks and a thorough renewal of the pipeline network concerned.

LeakRedux provides the supporting software for the necessary interaction between proactive leak management and network asset management, all within the broader context of the most appropriate total management of your water supply network and focused on minimizing your NRW.

Know more about network asset management cycle?
In broader context: Interaction with network asset management cycle
Again, for areas with frequent leaks, it may be appropriate to review the sustainable water supply management cycle. In particular, redefining the balance between desired pressure for maximum customer comfort and minimum pressure to limit the occurrence and growth of leaks.
HydroScan can provide the necessary support: hydraulic modelling for efficient leak management with adjustment of pressure management, demarcation of DMA zones ...

More about the appropriate software:

3 management cycles for water supply networks

Reference cases

First industrial uses of LeakRedux® leak detection:

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