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Our integrated TRIAS AQUATICA approach for industry

Your on-site water management, ready for tomorrow

As an analogy to the Trias Energetica, the 3 driving principles of our TRIAS AQUATICA are:

  • 1. Limiting water consumption by using water-saving technical solutions
  • 2. Maximising the use of sustainable water sources: use of stormwater and re-use of wastewater
  • 3. Pro-active management of the water infrastructure in line with environmental regulations AND in the most cost-effective way

Hydroscan carries out water audits and water impact assessments, and develops your entire on-site water management in a sustainable way.

We can also help you to make your operational asset management very cost-effective.

Main benefits

The essence is having both a more sustainable AND a more cost-effective on-site water management

  • Responsible use of our precious drinking water resources
  • Maximum use of free and sustainable water sources
  • Discharge of wastewater and stormwater in line with local regulations
  • Replenishment of natural water sources like groundwater and surface water
  • Designing water systems that are easier to manage and maintain
  • Pro-active management of the underground infrastructure by identifying strategic and critical assets
  • Inspection of physical condition of underground sewers and structural risk analysis
  • Hydraulic modelling of on-site water systems and flood risk assessments

More in detail

More about our integrated and holistic TRIAS AQUATICA vision

1. Limiting water consumption through water-saving technical solutions

HydroScan keeps constant track of new technical solutions. We always give the most accurate advicein relation to the desired level of sustainability.

Adopting running water-saving measures are always part of our recommendations:
  • Water-saving toilets, showers and taps
  • Water-saving equipment
  • Limiting the length of hot water pipes
2. Maximising the use of sustainable water sources

The most common techniques are using stormwater and re-using wastewater.

Our vision:
  • Maximum restriction of the use of groundwater
  • Maximising the re-use of stormwater through the optimum design of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) with volumes in balance with water consumption
  • Maximising water re-use within the site by using the appropriate local treatment technology
3. Optimum design of the water infrastructure

We focus on:
  • efficient separate water drainage
  • maximal infiltration of excess storm water on-site
  • water management in line with permits ansd legislation
  • water management with a minimal impact on the surrounding water system combined with our search for the most cost-effective solution
Our design always takes the future management and maintenance of these water systems into account.  

For existing infrastructure, we use our unique approach for pro-active asset management, identifying the most strategic assets and developing an inspection and renovation scheme to keep these assets in good condition.

Reference cases

Some reference cases in on-site water management which use our TRIAS AQUATICA approach for industry

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