Now financially feasible for any city and municipality
Flood4Cast Master Planner

Water impact analysis of climate adaptive and remedial measures: Tens of times faster and much more cost-effective

Flood4Cast® MASTER PLANNER allows the flood susceptibility of a province, city or municipality to be identified up to tens of times more rapidly than is possible using conventional modelling software.

This integrated ‘water in the street’ modelling features ingenious pre-processing based on existing GIS maps, and very short model build-up and calculation times. Calibrations with other models or simplifications are no longer necessary.

Developed in collaboration with research organisation VITO and with the support of Vlaio.
Your advantages
  • Impact analysis of plan-based climate adaptive and remedial measures in a few minutes rather than days
  • A digital water model for your province, city or municipality... available online
  • Use of your available GIS information... no need for detailed data
  • Fast deliveries:
    - Operational basic model in one day
    - Fine-tuned and online model in a few days or weeks
  • No need for specialist modellers to use the model:
    - This is guaranteed by our engineers
    - We train and support your staff in the online use of the model
Target groups
  • Cities and municipalities of any size
  • Provinces
  • Agencies for waterways and water authorities
  • Water and sewerage operators

Climate adaptive water management is now financially and technologically feasible for any city or municipality!

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Critical time saving for your real-time aid interventions
Flood4Cast Real-Time Alerter

Smart algorithm predicts urban flooding at street level. Up to 3 hours ahead

Flood4Cast® REAL-TIME ALERTER combines real-time VMM-KMI rainfall radar data with pre-processed flood maps and translates this data into real-time flood predictions at street level
Integration with existing sensors and rain gauges for even higher accuracy.
Developed in collaboration with VITO and IMEC, and with the support of Vlaio.
NEW! Additional application:
Warning information for freeing up retention basin capacity at critical moments
Your advantages
  • Proactive response by intervention teams to urban flash floods
  • Allows for targeted preventive measures: Protection of critical flood zones; use of available pumping capacity
  • Timely notify residents of potential flooding
  • Free up maximum retention basin capacity at critical moments
Target groups
  • Fire brigades and intervention teams
  • Cities and municipalities of any size
  • Citizens

Proactively orient your intervention teams to the most vulnerable locations

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With support from
VLAIO - Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Developed with financial support from VLAIO (Flemish Innovation and Entrepreneurship) (project numbers HBC.2016.0743, HBC.2017.0614, HBC.2019.2238).

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

With the support of the Province of Flemish Brabant within the scope of the Smart Region project.


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