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LeakRedux®: Water leakage can go down to 5.2 % driven by timely leak detection and repair

Referentie case pilot project Hai Phong (Vietnam)

Introductie van de uitdaging

Hai Phong Water Supply Company is in charge of water treatment and distribution in the city with 1.1 million inhabitants. The water consumption is 42 million m3/year. Water leakages in the network are on average about 14%. The challenge is to get this down below 10%.

Onze aanpak

Pilot project enables prediction of potential annual savings and design of the customized LeakRedux® solution

  • Out of the 600, the 150 DMAs (District Metering Area) with highest priority were identified. These are all DMAs with leakage rates above 10%. 
  • Hydroscan performed a pilot project using the LeakRedux® technology in 2017 over a period of 7 months. The selected pilot area contains one priority DMA (District Metering Area) with a length of 2 km of pipes serving 2.500 inhabitants.
District Metering Area
  • Hydroscan LeakRedux® is a smart, real-time data-driven system that:
    • detects invisible leaks
    • predicts the most economical time for repairing them
    • narrows down the leak search zone
    Hydroscan looks after the set-up, implementation and training of your staff.

Onze oplossing

Hydroscan LeakRedux® enables system leakage to be reduced from 14% to 5.2% through timely leak detection and repair

The results of the pilot project:

drastic reduction of leakage
  • Hydroscan LeakRedux® reveals timely leak detection of mostly invisible leaks and enables fast repair. This can result in a drastic reduction of leakage from 14% to 5,2%. 
economical time
  • The LeakRedux® technology predicts the economical time to intervention for each leak about 1 month in advance and with an accuracy of one day. 
    This enables the client to plan and prioritize network repair and maintenance much faster as to minimise losses of non-revenue water. 

De voordelen

Annual yearly savings of $ 360.000 on 150 DMAs (one fourth of the total DMAs for the region)

  • Based on the results of the pilot project, Hydroscan calculated that after implementation of LeakRedux on the 150 priority DMAs with a leakage higher than 10%, the annual savings will be 360.000 $/year.
  • The ILI (Infrastructure Leakage Index) will reduce from 1.6 to 0.6, bringing  Hai Phong Water to world class on water efficiency.

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